Sunday, November 14, 2010

How do you grind?

Please help me. I ent to my homecoming and everyone was grinding a luckly this year i went with out a date but there are still three more dances to go and i want to bring a guy but he will grind with me cause i saw him at h.c this year adn he was. So please please any advice will help me. Juss tell me steps how to grind on a guy.How do you grind?
This question is asked several times a week. Research the answers. Also, read this:鈥?/a> That is, do it if you have to, but I think it looks cheap.How do you grind?
Grinding is just dry sex...just let loose and be natural, follow the beat of the music and move ya body! ^_~ lol

Good luck!

(I can't wait for my homecoming either!)
It's just like dancing except your bodies are pressed together when moving.
LOL it's not very hard u just put ur leg between his legs press ur girl stuff against his winkie, and move your pelvis around in a circular motion keeping ur Vagigi locked with his weiner and just go crazy, after you've done that just flip it around and shake ur @$$ all over his Pen*s it's takes some getting used to, I don't grind anymore for multiple reasons but I know how too cuz I used to dance with my friends(guys or gilrs and I'm straight) like that all of the time. But I stopped once I realized how undignified it was and how skanky it looks. I'm not bustin out the grind again till I'm 18 and can go clubbing. Seriously kids shouldn't be doin stuff like that, that why we have so many teen pregnancies.

Debbie 16

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