Sunday, November 21, 2010

I feel like my sister changed a lot and turned into someone

i'm 15 and shes 18. she was always just comcentrated on her studies. that was the only thing on her mind. when she started hs, she started to hang out w/ these girls that were a bit gangster. not bad to the extreme, but yeah. my sister knows how to control herself. slowly during the years, i saw her change and turn into a diff. person. its like i dont know her anymore. she listens to music and grinds with guys at parties...its so weird cause i wouldve never thought she will be doing those things..i dont like those things at all and i want to devote myself to my studies during hs but when im around her, i feel like a nerd and shes a little critical..i looked up to her but now its a lil diff.she had so much motivation and dedication to her school work until she met those friends...shes in college now. i mean, shes still dedicated but still..a little diff.. =/I feel like my sister changed a lot and turned into someone
You both are growing up into individuals now. Your sister is discovering or rather experimenting with what she thinks she likes and dislikes.

You're not losing her. You'll always be her sister and her confidant. Your age differences are not that big. Sometimes she wants some space to breathe. To think. To do things her way.

She and you both have sense and a good head on each of your shoulders. You say she is dedicated. She knows what she is doing. So, just be there when and if she asks for you.

You know, sometimes, a little talking and reasoning always helps. tell her how you feel if thing really get worse. compromise certain situations. Good Luck!I feel like my sister changed a lot and turned into someone
Pray for to her about the way you feel. Discuss it with your family...and pray.....and of course, hope
High school changes everyone, it is where you grow into your own, or sometimes what the people around you want you to be. Don't worry, keep your head strait on your shoulders. Just because she doesn't study 24/7 doesn't mean she isn't the same person inside. Sometimes people just want to fit in they would do anything. Hey, look at it this way, she got into college- that must mean something.
she's your sister you should be able to talk about anything.. let her know how you feel before you never get the chance..

also she's growing up and those sort of behaviors are .. well normal fo a 18 yr old.. so no big worries there.. she is in college so that's a good thing and it shows that she still got a head on her shoulder.. trust if she didn't care about education she wouldn't be there...

good luck

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