Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you feel about grinding at a dance w/ a boy?

I used to look down on people who did it. But I think it's a matter of age, after a certain a point i feel it should be alright as long as you know your personal limits.

Recently I've been having a lot of fun grinding with guys at dances, guys who ask me to dance not necesarrily people i know. I feel sexy and it's fun when our bodies are as close together and he's touching my hair, my hips etc.

I don't let him kiss me, or grab my chest, or my behind. Yesterday a guy did put his hands on my behind but only until I realized it. We were dancing provocatively though.

I see it as simple fun, I would go much slower with a guy I cared about, but my friends I feel are judging me for dancing this way since they're much more conservative than me.

Am I wrong to feel free and open to do this since I'm no where near adulthood where I should be put to shame? Do you guys look down upon people who this? Is it wrong? I'm getting confused now...How do you feel about grinding at a dance w/ a boy?
Doing it with random guys you've never met before i would personaly thing its a little Slutty... If its with a boyfriend then i guess its fine.

Look at it this way, Do you think A guy rubbing he's Private parts on your Butt normal?

Because thats what it is.

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